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Position 69 makes it possible for the couple to perform oral sex simultaneously. To practice, one of the parts must be on the top and the other on the bottom, so that both can "jump" with each other's genitals. According to a sexologist, there are no rules for practicing "69" with Independent Call Girls in Ghaziabad. Couples, heterosexual or homosexual, only have to worry about sexual safety and intimate hygiene, since the nose of one will be resting against the erogenous zone of the other.

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'Whether they are one under the other, or side by side, it doesn't matter. Everyone should do it most comfortably and enjoyably they can find” explains the expert.

Variations of 69:

In addition to the traditional 69, lying down or on your side, there are other more radical possibilities. The Kama Sutra, for example, offers guidelines for performing the standing position. In this case, the couple will have to decide whether the choice will be comfortable and whether it will not bring pain in sex.

Including toys, masturbation, and stimulating the genitals with other products (such as sensory gels that heat and cool) also make the position more fun and unpredictable with Ghaziabad Call Girls.

Advantages of heading 69:

1. Intensify pleasure in sex:

Many couples end up sticking with the position as a way to get out of the box. However, this is not the only advantage of 69: by practicing, you will enhance the intimacy and freedom of the relationship, strengthening the sexual bonds in bed and making the fuck even more enjoyable.

2. Increase the ways of having pleasure:

According to the expert, trying 69 with Cheap Call Girls in Ghaziabad shows that you are open and available to enjoy in innovative ways. "The benefit is mainly emotional since the other will realize that he can live new situations with you".

3. Boost the intensity of oral sex:

Simultaneous oral sex makes shit unusual and brings more excitement to the moment. But to ensure that the experience is intense in a positive way, it is important to pay attention to the weight we put on the person below.

"Depending on the position we are in, we can squeeze the other's diaphragm, impairing their breathing and reducing the quality of the oral," says experts.

So, keep in mind that 69 with Call Girls in Ghaziabad will only make oral sex more intense when both parties are not uncomfortable by external factors.

4. Strengthen the bonds of love:

Couples who seek different positions and caresses are the ones who are attentive and committed to the relationship. The change search ensures that both parties care about being connected, making the routine more joyful and harmonious.

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Innovating in sex: What is the importance?

Always having sex in the same position can lower the levels of pleasure in the relationship. Therefore, the couple must get involved in diversifying not only the shit but also the foreplay.

That doesn't mean you should always reinvent the way you have sex. In case you feel pleasure only with specific positions, no problem.

Are there risks in practicing 69?

According to the experts, many couples get turned on by the time of 69 and end up licking their partner's anus. However, the anal region has several bacteria and, when our mouth comes into contact with these organisms, we can develop diseases.

“Licking the anus and bringing the mouth to the vagina, for example, can also cause women to develop corruptions and other diseases since we are carrying bacteria from one place to another," warns the sexologist.

Therefore, as uncomfortable as it may seem, it is imperative to use condoms at the time of 69, to protect the health of the couple. Furthermore, being with clean hands and private parts can also ensure safer and more enjoyable sex.

Unless you've specifically discussed not to, it's a good idea to touch the Escorts in Ghaziabad in a pleasant way. If you are unsure of how to do it, ask him to guide you. Most Ghaziabad Escorts will be delighted to have a courteous and caring client who wants them to have a good time as well. You might learn something you didn't know, or maybe discover something nice that you haven't tried before.

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